develops brake cups, piston seals, and brake fluid. Therefore, we supply the best matching products.

supplies rubber cups and seals to all car makers through cylinder makers.

Therefore, our products are used in all cars in the world.

also have an aluminum part factory (a group company).

Therefore, we supply various kinds of aluminum parts, such as cylinders, pistons, compressor parts, etc.

SEIKEN Product Line Up

Seiken Parts

Seiken Tool

Racing Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid etc.


Chemical etc.

Company Profile



SEIKEN CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. was founded in April 1959, which was originally Brake & Brake Fluid Laboratory of MEIJI SANGYO COMPANY. Since 1933 MEIJI SHOKAI, former of MEIJI SANGYO COMPANY, was importing brake parts, and then started manufacturing them. "Quality First" is our motto, and our "Seiken" brand is famous for reliable products not only in Japan but also all over the world.

For more satisfaction of our customers, we are continuously researching, developing, and supplying our products as a reasonable price.

According to our motto

"Don't Produce, Provide, or Purchase Poor Products"

we are pleased to improve our products' quality for more satisfaction of our customers.

Yukio Maekawa

Yukio Maekawa

Company's Outline

  Registered Name



April 20, 1959

  Company Purpose

1. Production and sales of chemical products such as brake fluid, coolant, etc.

2. Production and sales of automotive hydraulic brake parts

3. Research and development for improving hydraulic brake

4Parts and supplies of railway is buying and selling and import and export

5Construction machines,machine tools,industrial machines,transport machines,electric machines, optical machines, paints,groceries, daily necessities, miscellaneous goods is buying and selling and import and export

6. Any other tasks corresponding to the above purposes

  Paid up Capital

90 million Yen


Head Office

1-1-12 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, JAPAN

tel: +81-3-6684-4181, fax: +81-3-6684-4180

Parts Division

Chemical Division

Shizuoka Factory

Moka Commodity section

Ueda Commodity section

  Affiliated Company

PT.Indosarana Lokapratama  ,Indonesia

Head Office

Head Office


Shinya TakeuchiChairman
Yukio MaekawaPresident
Yutaka IwakamiDirector,General Manager,General Affairs Division
Yoichi SatoDirector,General Manager,Parts Division
Masanori SanoDirector, General Manager, Shizuoka Factory
Noriyuki KashiharaAuditor