Brake Parts Line Up

Brake Master Cylinder
is a device which transforms power from a brake pedal into liquid pressure. Its inside is likely to have sludge and rust which scar rubber cups, and which lead leaking of brake fluid and lack of the pressure.
Periodical inspection and upgrade for the cylinder is important.

Brake Master Cylinder Repair Kit
is a spare part set for a brake master cylinder. Sludge from rubber cups and a cylinder make brake fluid dirty.
In case the brake fluid becomes badly dirty, the repair kit should be replaced.

Wheel Cylinder
is to cntrol brake shoes by liquid pressure from a master cylinder. It is likely to be rust because of heat and water, and should be replaced when rusted.

Wheel Cylinder Cup Kit
is a rubber cup set for a wheel cylinder. The rubber cups are worn out by the movement and scarred by sludge. In that case, efficient liquid pressure cannot be kept.

Cup Tool S200

Tool for assembling rubber cups to pistons

Caliper Seal Kit
is a spare part set for disc brake calipers. Rubber seals deteriorate with heat and water. Due to this, the piston might not be able to move smoothly, and brake pads might be worn out quickly. Deteriorated slide pin boots may cause the same.

Lever Cap Kit

Part set for a disc caliper with a parking brake

Brake Hose
must have flexibility and ability to keep liquid pressure. It is damaged by sand, pebbles, water, oil, ozone, etc. so the periodical replacement is essential.

Maintenance Kit

Complete set of brake maintenance parts for trucks